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The Max OZ Skate Experience Part 3 - Suplex Video Premier!

Posted on March 02 2016

Push along with TeamAERIAL skater Max Barker as he takes us to some of his favorite spots and on a few new ones.

Part 3 - Suplex Skate Video Premier! 

In the words of Max - Last Friday the Suplex video premiered at the CNVR company. Rockford skateboarders has been filming for the entire summer, and the video has finally come together. So much pain and hard work went into this skateboarding, and finally seeing it all culminated into one video is absolutely amazing. The premier had such an amazing turn out. The Rockford skaters came out to represent, as well as some Dekalb skaters. All of the friends and family came out to support the video, and all in all it was an amazing time.
The Suplex video is my first ever full length video part. This is huge for me, because this video will always mark the beginning of my filming, and will be a collaboration I will remember for years to come.
As I mentioned the turn out was unbelievable. In attendance were Bryan Nambo, Zack Mulligan, and Jared Sommers. Each of these guys has played a pivotal role in how I skate and push me to skate harder. 
Skateboarding is a social thing and that is definitely represented by this premier. A huge crowd came out to support, and everyone left with a little piece of Rockford.
Check out some of the photos and video of the premier event below! 
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