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The Max Oz Skate Experience Part 2 - Street

Posted on February 17 2016

Introducing a new blog series called "The Max Oz Skate Experience"!  Push along with TeamAERIAL skater Max Barker as he takes us to some of his favorite spots and on a few new ones.

Part 2 - Street

Words of Max - These clips are from 2 days of filming in Rockford IL with Bryan Nambo and Nakita Payne for the Suplex video.

We would get an early start to take advantage of the warmth of the sun. My favorite spot we hit, was the wall ride spot. Though this is my favorite spot, it's easily the sketchiest. I wanted to do a wall plant on it, but the run up was covered in pebbles and sand. I cleared the ground and threw down my board. As I planted my feet on the wall, I jumped back on my board and rolled away. I was so relieved that I not only got the trick, but I had gotten the clip!

Another good spot that day, was the grass gap to drop. It was about as tall as me, and almost as sketchy as the wall ride. The next spot we hit was a bank leading into the road, forming a gap over the curb. It was really crusty, and the roll away was into a populated street, but we made it work. After warming up, I got a kickflip, and a body varial over the gap. I felt lucky to be able to get the body varial and the kickflip, because the gap led right into a populated street.

Not every spot can be safe secluded away from traffic. There are many hard days like this, and it is all going to pay off during the Suplex video premier later this month. Rockford IL has a rich tradition of skateboarding, and I am proud to be a part of it.​


Check out the clips below.


Be sure to check back next Wed. the 24th for more of the Max Oz Skate Experience!
Let us know your thoughts of our new series. 


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