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Posted on March 30 2015

Skateboarding began in the 1950’s on the streets of California when surfers got the idea to try to “surf” the streets when there were no gnarly waves available. While no one really knows who created the first board during this time, we do know that skateboarding and the culture along with the extreme sport has progressed at a rapid pace. As of late, the evolution of skateboarding skill advanced the creation of new and amazing skateparks around the world. Even though it is hard to rank the sport of skateboarding, we decided we would attempt to rank the top 5 skateparks in the U.S.

1. Burnside Skatepark

Burnside Skatepark is an outdoor park located in Portland, Oregon featuring some of the raddest wallrides, quarterpipes, trannys, bowls, bumps and hips. This skatepark has truly set the stage for the skate community and has matured into the best park in the United States. If you are in the area make sure to look for the park under the Burnside Bridge and shred!

2. Denver Skatepark

Located in the middle of the city of Denver, Colorado, this skatepark offers an unbelievable view of the city and the Rocky Mountains. The park not only has a stunning view, it also contains a variety of features suitable for every skill level. So, go tear up the skatepark the Rocky Mountain way.

3. Lincoln City Skatepark

The Lincoln City Skatepark is recognized as the largest park in the state of Oregon. This distinctive park offers a grouping of four unique “mini parks” with unique obstacles appropriate for any level of skater.

4. FDR Skatepark

Located in South Philadelphia under Interstate-95, this skatepark is considered by many skaters to be an amazing park full of several unique and challenging areas. In fact, this skatepark has been recognized by Skateboarder and Thrasher as a skateboard paradise. Designed by skateboard enthusiasts, this park features some of the most challenging obstacles such as the renowned “Bunker and “Dome”. If you are unable to make it to this park you can virtually shred it in the video game Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground.

5. Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark

Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark is a 68,000 square feet park located in California. This skatepark is considered the largest in California featuring the world’s largest cradle and full pipe as well as the tallest vert wall. However, don’t be intimidated by these recognitions because the park also contains a variety of obstacles suitable for all skill levels.

Honorable Mentioned:

  • Kona Skate Park
  • Vans Skate Park
  • Woodward West Camp
  • Black Pearl Skate Park
  • Encinitas YMCA
  • Millennium Skatepark
  • Trinidad Skatepark
  • Battle Ground Skatepark
  • Playstation State park
  • Louisville Extreme Park

While we listed our top skateparks around the United States, we know that every park no matter how big or small can offer supreme “shredibilty”. So, feel free to share your park in the comments below.

Originally published January 29, 2015.


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