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Maxwell Barker


Age: 12
Location: South Beloit, Illinois
Favorite Trick: Heelflip Variations, Blunts and Big Drops


Nobody makes anybody skate.  I came to love skateboarding through my dad, starting on his old deck and the awesome ramps he built.  Born and raised in the Midwest, skating mostly Northern Illinois and Wisconsin, the other skaters and I are used to the sort of satisfaction you get from landing a trick on ground that was once covered in a foot of snow.  We do it because we love it and crave the feeling of community and shredding.  Friends and community are some of the best aspects of skating.  I've progressed as a skater becuase of the incredicle skate community, it is an experience not bound by age and the diversity pushes my skating to new places.  

I also love competing.  Competitions help form my approach to skating through direct exposure to other skaters added to my desire to do my best. My hope for the near future is to film with friends, compete with talented skaters, and discover new spots to skate.


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