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Mad Max Skate Experience Part 4 - The Art of Skateboarding

Posted on April 07 2016

Push along with TeamAERIAL skater Max Barker.

Part 4 - The Art of Skateboarding

In his own words - "I always hear the argument about whether skateboarding is or isn't a sport. However, what I never hear is the argument over skateboarding as an art. Skaters and non-skaters alike agree that skateboarding is an art, so it only makes sense to put art and skateboarding together."

"I skate for a shop out of DeKalb, Illinois called Fargo Skateshop. For the past 9 years, Ariel Ries the owner of Fargo Skateshop has hosted the annual skateboard inspired art show in her shop. Her unique art expo includes handcrafted skateboard inspired art, food, live music, and an after party at the Fargo skatepark. Every year, it is amazing to see the creativity and individuality of the different art pieces. I love going each year, not only to see the portrayal of skating, but to see the art crafted and sketched from people I know and skate with. Knowing the artist really adds to the experience, because you can imagine their thought process, and how their piece relates to them as a person and skater. If I've learned anything from the Fargo art shows, it is that skateboarding is a manifestation of the skateboarder. Some think of skateboarding in a sporting​  way, similar to football or soccer, but skateboarding can be anything. Skating is a form of self expression that mimics the style and personality of the skateboarder. This is what makes skateboarding art."


Check out the Skateboard Art Show video at the Fargo Skateshop below. 


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