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Posted on March 30 2015

Surf photography is coming to the forefront in the photo world. Whether you are on shore catching your best bud getting barreled or in the barrel getting that epic sense of the freedom in the water, surf photography is something special.


Becoming a surf photographer is not easy. It takes time, experience and money. The best surf photographers did not build their careers over night. It took them several years before they became recognized.


Today there are many avenues in which you can see some of these breathtaking shots that seem to pull you into the experience of the photo but it was not always like that years ago.


Leroy Grannis – known as the father of modern surf photography with his craft of capturing what surfing was and is. His career started in the 60’s and quickly became a surf historian through his images.


Clark Little – He grew up as the son of a surf photographer and rapidly started capturing surfing and the movement of the ocean in many different ways and angles. His work has been shown in galleries around the globe.


Jack McCoy – One of the best surf filmmakers of all time. More then 30 years, McCoy has explored all kinds of exciting waters of the earth and has delivers unbelievable images not only of surfing on the surface but the power behind the wave submersed under water.


Jeff Divine – Has become a constant name in the surfing magazines capturing the lifestyle of surfing. He is one of the first surf photographers in the world and is a critic of the commercial path surfing is on.


Aaron Chang – His photos have thousands of fans and is a world-renowned surf photographer. He is credited to over 100 magazine covers and has a gallery in Solana Beach, California.


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Originally published February 11, 2015.


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