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The Authentic Australian ClickerBelt is a ratcheting clothing belt built on snowboarding technology.

Grab yours now - limited supply available. You can adjust the size of the belt to fit you by simply cutting the access off with house scissors to fit any waist! 


  • Length: 115cm (45 inches)
  • Width: 3.5cm (1.4 inches) at the buckle end and 2.2cm (0.9 inches) at the strap end
  • Weight: 175g (6.2 oz)
  • Colour: the strap is matt black and the ratchet is silver chrome
  • Guys: fits guy's jean sizes from 28” to 40” (71cm to 101cm)
  • Girls: fits lady's size 6 to size 18 

Check out the video below!

Flexible, strong, waterproof and durable.

It is designed for both guys and girls and is stylish for all occasions.

Fresh from Australia and available in the US from

It uses a ratchet instead of a traditional belt buckle.  Belts with holes and buckles are old fashioned and boring.

It's unique, stylish and fun to use.

Simply insert the teeth into the ratchet and crank the handle until tight.  If the strap is too long, just trim the belt with regular scissors using the guides on the rear of the belt.

To release, just lift the lever.

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