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Age: 17 | Hometown: South Florida | Stance: Goofy | Home Break: Boca Inlet | Favorite Tricks: Layback Snap, Love Barrels

The words of Drew...

Surfing is everything! I try to go surfing every possible day I can as long as there is some swell in the water. I try to go at least twice a week. My favorite surf spots are New Smyrna Beach inlet, Boca Inlet, Bal Harbor House, And Haulover inlet.

I recently started shaping and absolutely love it, it allows me to be creative and it calms my mind much like surfing does for me, whenever I am stressed I resort to surfing. My favorite part about surfing is not only to be creative, but to have fun with friends and make the best of the sessions no matter the conditions, when with friends on days I otherwise wouldn't go out, it turns into a blast!

Next year I will be attending the University of North Florida, where I will be competitively surfing at the collegiate level, currently they are ranked number 2. I am super stoked to begin this new journey where I will progress in surfing as far as I possibly can with the help of friends, coaches, and Aerial clothing!

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