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Posted on June 04 2015

You may think it is crazy to even think about snowboarding in August. You would be surprised with all of the opportunities to be able to hone your skills during the off- season.

Sure, summer is great. Your out of school, that girl you had a crush on goes to the same pool, you skate with your buddies but honestly you would rather be shredding the halfpipe at your local mountain.

If you can’t make it half way around the world to hit up the fresh powder at Mount Buller in Australia or the rails, boxes, and super pipes on New Zealand’s snowfields. You are closer then you think to be able to continue your love of snowboarding during the summer months.


Here are just a few of the summer camps everyone should ride! 

One of the most popular camps is the High Cascade Snowboard Camp. This playground is located in Portland, Oregon and has more features then you could even imagine. You get the chance to ride with some of the top pros like Danny Davis and JP Walker. Not only can you get your snowboard fix but also hit up their sick skatepark in town that is fit for all levels of riding.

Another great camp in Portland is the Windells Camp. Windells is a 53acre playground. The park has been evolving for the past 20 years and it shows with the amount of talented riders that call this home every year. They have a massive indoor skatepark so if it is raining you can still get your skate one. When the sun is shining they have a concrete bowl outside to shred with all the amped campers that are having the time of their life!

 If you are up in Canada there is the unbelievable Camp of Champions. Just as it sounds this camp is full of champions. The park is enormous, the weather is warm and the snow is soft. This is a perfect spot to lay down those new tricks before you take them out into the contest world. The scenery around Whistler is out of this world. Once you check out this camp you will be begging to go back every year!


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